The Chicago Rock Circus is based on all the things that we always wanted to see as music lovers, hear as critical listeners, and experience while sitting in an audience (on all our valuable and rare nights out). When we mixed our ideas with the many years of comments received from our previous bands' audiences (on what they also wanted to see when they went out), it became quite a we wanted to take on!

The Circus concept came from heavy brainstorming with some extraordinary talents and long time friends. Luckily, we found our partners in musical mayhem each were thinking similarly by not wanting to just begin "another" cover or tribute band.  We each wanted more show, more variety, and more accomplishment.  Together we have sucessfully engineered a show that delivers non-stop entertainment while also being open-ended enough to never stop evolving.

The show begins with our talented Ringmaster announcing the night's events. He may participate on many songs thoughout the night, but the stage will be held down by us (a killer trio of guitar, bass, and drums).  We love our instruments, love our influences throughout the many great years of Rock, and love to perform great songs to the best of our talents!  That's a lot of love to get into the two holes on the sides of your head, but we are positive you will hear an important difference with this band!

Although we play all night, our unique format has the singers changing with each hour!  Our lead singers blast out the gate giving ultra-solid, driven rock performances in ranges, songs, and styles that show their best. People get worn out hearing the same singer all night (not to mention one that's likely to wear out his voice singing for hours.)  Instead, every set we play has a different feel, renewed energy, and most importantly a fresh vocal delivery.  This concept also makes it like you are seeing multiple bands in one night, without having to wait impatiently while new equipment gets set up after each band.

Our creative wheels were still turning and we wanted to add more.  More entertainment, and more bang for the buck!  So we recruited entertainers not normally found performing in the bar scene.  Ones that could keep our audience captivated, and that would compliment the show as a whole.  During the last several shows we've placed an unbelievable balancing act, a hilarious street-magician, and a mind-blowing illusionist inbetween the sets. It is also great to have the options to include dance, hypnosis, stand-up comedy, ESP, live band karaoke, guitar hero contests, performance art, and other "unusual" talents into the shows.  Not only to keep the momentum and entertainment rolling, but these transitions cleanse the musical palette while taking the rest of your senses for a quick ride!  

This openess gives the Chicago Rock Circus the edge we were seeking to separate ourselves from other local bands, and keep true our original intentions of being THE GREATEST ROCK SHOW ON EARTH!  

We would love to connect with you (and your ears), and introduce to you our Chicago Rock Circus.   We are built to be YOUR band on YOUR night out, and the safest bet on any weekend for a GREAT TIME!


Dan Volpe

Paul Sroczynski

Dennis Frankowski