The Chicago Rock Circus is starting to mean a lot more to me as a fitting name for the overall Illinois music-scene than as an individual band.

It is now, and always has been, a complete CIRCUS!  Ask anyone in the music business and they will confirm it is full of ringleaders, animals big and small......and way too many clowns!

Like the economy, the local scene has become equally unstable and unpredictable. Lots of new and old bands (and bars) are trying everything to come up with the magic formula to win the attention, loyalty, and $pend of the people.

I think the formula is honesty, consistency, credibility, and offering value for a solid product. Additionally, I respect good old fashion hard work and networking, but youth-prolonging mayhem and distorted rock guitar also win me over!

My plan is to explore the scene, learn how others are sailing their ships, get my own ideas reorganized, meet some people, and have fun while doing it.

Please join me as I put my guitar around my neck, and begin my adventures into the real Chicago Rock Circus playing with the great bands listed on the homepage. 


Danny Volpe