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The band VVX has one mission: recreating the greatest rock and metal playlists... from the greatest rock and metal station... during the greatest rock and metal years.

Rock and Metal specifically off the original WVVX 103.1 playlists (1985-1992)

(Made up of members from the Chicago Rock Circus)


Playing lots of new and old tunes and sticking it all out there with two great friends and musicians.  There is really still something very unique in X-Side. After the first note (and if I can keep my voice til the last note), we still give it all we have - and we still give it good!

Here is a vid from our last Freddie's gig:


KungFOO (Foo Fighters Tribute)  

 Of all the bands I still respect out of the 90's, Foo Fighters still make the music I like.  Catchy, LOUD, and honest!  Dave Grohl is a true ROCK STAR, and will be my hero for a long time........  We do these tunes justice!


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